Evaporative Coolers

Specializing in servicing, repairing, and replacing evaporative coolers in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Areas.

evaporative-cooler-repair-service-and-installation-albuquerqueConsidering an Evaporative Cooler? We can help. Did you know that installing an Evaporative Cooler can reduce your cooling costs by up to 70 percent?

Evaporative Coolers in New Mexico are an amazing way to stay cool and save money on utilities all at once. We are Albuquerque & Rio Rancho’s first choice when it comes to evaporative cooler installations. We handle all work ourselves, meaning that only experienced technicians will be handling the installation. Give us a call today.

An evaporative cooler, also known as a Swamp Cooler, is one of the most efficient means of cooling you can get in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho. Many people new to the New Mexico area are unfamiliar with what swamp coolers/evaporative cooler systems are or the differences between swamp coolers/evaporative coolers and your typical air conditioning system. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporation. The evaporative cooler draws exterior air into special pads soaked with water, where the air is cooled by evaporation, and then recirculated. Evaporative coolers work best in dry climates where humidity is low. They can be easily repaired or replaced and installed. The range of evaporative coolers/swamp coolers available today is extensive, but we can repair or install most types of Swamp Coolers.


Do you have an evaporative cooler emergency in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho? Schedule a Service Call ASAP! We’re here to help!

Evaporative Coolers

In Albuquerque & Rio Rancho an Evaporative Cooler can be an excellent choice as a home or business cooling system. Evaporative Coolers have low maintenance costs and use 75% less electricity which can cut your cooling costs by up to 70%. Call us today to learn more about evaporative cooling and to schedule a free estimate.

Evaporative Cooler Installation

Installing an Evaporative Cooler is a job that is best left to the professionals. To provide your home, or business, with the optimal cooling that an Evaporative Cooler can provide the unit has to be installed correctly. .

Evaporative Cooler Service & Repair

Evaporative Coolers have very low maintenance costs, but they are not maintenance free. It is always a good idea to have a qualified professional inspect your evaporative cooling system annually just like you should with any other cooling system. It is also recommended to have a professional perform the start up and shut down of your system each year. We can perform all these tasks for you and we even offers annual maintenance plans to make these tasks automatic.


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