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What Is A Ductless Mini Split A/C System?

Some Albuquerque and Rio Rancho homes and apartments cannot accommodate a standard central Air Conditioner system, either because space does not allow it, or because the home is not equipped with the ducts needed to circulate the cool air. In these cases, a ductless mini split air conditioning system can be the ideal solution.

As the name suggests, these systems do not need to be tied into existing ductwork. Like their larger counterparts, a ductless mini split A/C system is made up of two major components: the condenser, located outdoors in the air handling unit, which is most often suspended on a wall or ceiling.


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The Features Of A Ductless Mini Split A/C System

Compact size: Their comparatively small size offers great flexibility in terms of placing the system inside your home. They also offer good opportunities for integration into your interior design. Units can be suspended from the ceiling, flush mounted with a drop ceiling or hung on a wall.

Greater energy conservation: The ductwork in most homes can be responsible for the loss of as much as 30% of the energy used to cool your home due to leaks and holes in the ducts. Since mini split A/C systems do not rely on ductwork, they are not susceptible to this kind of wasted energy.

Ability to independently cool up to four separate zones: Unlike window mounted air conditioning units, some ductless mini split systems have the ability to cool as many as four different zones independently within the home. Each zone can have its own thermostat for better temperature control and to avoid wasting energy by cooling areas not in use.

Safety: Window mounted A/C units create a point of vulnerability in your home by providing an entry point into your home for intruders. This is not the case for a modern ductless system since as they do not necessitate leaving a window unlocked and opened.

Placing Your Trust In The Pros

You will want to consult an expert when selecting the most appropriate system for your environment. One of our technicians can also provide you with sound advice about the best place to install the system for the most optimal results. Installing it in a bad location could result in poor temperature control and a waste of energy.


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